Wole Olu


My name is Oluwole Olukoju and I am a Jesus freak. I love to talk about Him everytime and anyway because He made me who I am.

I am a transformational and wealth coach, engineering young millennials to rise above the statusquo to becoming globally relevant.

I am the founder of THE OTHER SCHOOL (a platform where I position young minds to take advantage of the new economic realities).

I’m fascinated by human psychology, as I author books and produce movies, but also from the perspective of being a crypto trader, and the psychology that moves the market. I like to get into people’s thoughts and feelings and know what makes them tick.

Who is WoleOlu?

I’m one of those people that cannot sit still, juggling everything with precision and finesse.


I Preach

I am of the opinion that everyone needs to see the light. Infact, that is one of the main reasons why we are here. To show forth the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.


I Act and Produce Gospel Movies

We all know that the media is a powerful tool for shaping culture through the propagation of deliberately crafted narratives infused into entertainment. What people see, they become; no entertainment is innocent.
I belong to the Parables Film ministry and we've produced quite a number of gospel movies like "it's Complicated, Oosa, Games, Akobi Laaroye and the latest Cinema blockbuster, ManDown"


I Coach

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Coaching (CIMCN), I've had the privilege of coaching 500+ young millenials to discover their God given potentials and also open them to new level High tech skills to scale up their finances


I Inspire

Using our YouTube channel - "Life Issues with Iyanuwole", myself and my wife (iyanuoluwa) have created so many inspiring contents related to faith, family, parenting, business and life issues in general.


I Write

Words are very powerful. Infact, God honours his words more than his powerful and exalted name. People are transformed through words and I put this words into writing for a singular purpose- to help people become a better version of themselves in all facets of their lives.


Here are some life changing books written by me

Flying Colours


Business School For Kids


Business School For Older Kids


When people are aware that they can reach their financial destination not using the old regular ways, it lightens up their mind, they have something to run with and eventually they get their trophy in a smarter and faster way

Oluwole Olukoju,  Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

Connect with the other school if you really want to learn the 21st Century skills that can lighten up your mind and improve your finances

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