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Copy Trader



TheOtherSchool’s CopyTrader is a game changer in the industry, enabling anyone to trade like a top trader.



When we trade, You trade!

Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or you simply don’t have time to watch the markets, now it’s easy to leverage on our traders’ expertise. With TheOtherSchool’s CopyTrader, you can automatically copy our trades, instantly replicating our trading in your own portfolio.



Weekly Profit


Trading Accuracy


Years of Experience

TheOtherSchool copy trading is a system that has 5 Traders with over 20 years combined Forex experience, specialized in Gold (XAUUSD) trading. It is the pair with the most opportunities on a daily basis. Our team studied and has been trading Gold for a very long time. Selecting and focusing on one pair only allow us to have a clear vision of the market, that’s why we target and reach constant profit using a low risk strategy.


How Copy Trading works?

Copy trading allows you to directly copy positions and actions taken by other traders. You decide the amount you wish to invest and simply copy everything they do automatically in real time.

When a trader opens/closes a trade, your account will open/close the same trade as well. The lot size is based on your equity which means if your balance increases or decreases, the lot size does the same in order to protect your account and respect the Risk Management.

Every result or position can be monitored directly on a Meta Trader terminal or the Broker website.

Our strategy is not generated by any bot or EA, Our 5 traders will monitor live 24h per days, read the news, and trade when our intra- day strategy applies, for safety we will not overtrade. The goal for this strategy is to reach at least 10%-15% of profit weekly. We place Take profit and Stop Loss on each trade with a minimum of 1 to 1 risk ratio. TheOtherSchool’s copy-trading strategy is a safe and constant solution to trade automatically with success.


Copy Trader Breakdown

TheOtherSchool trading platform is indeed the perfect solution to trade safely, automatically with a reasonable target, and handled by professionals.

We Are Focused On Gold

Gold is our speciality, our team of 5 traders have more than 20 years of experience trading the largest market in the world which is Forex. When you know how to trade XAUUSD, it presents the best opportunities to make profit daily and safely and automatically.

We Do Not Use Robot

A lot of clients think Robot/EA is better than real traders, it is not! Risk management is never respected when news occur it is always dangerous and can put your trading account out of your comfort zone. Using real traders allows us to control each trade to reach our trading goals.

Our Target Is 10%-15% Weekly

Having a reasonable and reachable target is something we are proud of. So many new traders are more focused on daily profit. Meanwhile, in reality, to be very successful, it is much better to have a weekly target. Our team uses a specific low-risk strategy with great Risk management, which allow us to reach 10%-15% Weekly.

Everything Is Automatic

Our system is 100% automatic. When our traders open, close, or even edit a TP/SL on a trade, it will reflect on your side instantly, your lot size is also automatic based on your account. The only thing you have to do is to monitor your profit on your mobile or laptop.

Our Solution Is Win-Win

We do not believe in Monthly membership which does not build trust. As we are sure about our trading strategy we will charge 50% (performance fees) of your profit weekly. If your account size is 500$ and your profit reaches 100$, we will earn 50$. This part is also automatic using our broker partner.

We Provide Great Support

Questions are always important. We understand that you may have some interrogation about our strategy or some clarification to ask, that’s why you can contact our team live 7/7. We do have Telegram support, Messenger support, and of course Email support! Contact us right now.

Join our Copy Trader strategy


Copy Trader Strategy

We use safe and intraday trading model. We only earn when we generate profit for you!

  1. The minimum recommended deposit is 600USD!
  2. 50% profit sharing
  3. Automatic Copy-Trading
  4. Weekly Target 10-15%
  5. Minimum Deposit $300​
  6. Win-Win shared profit
  7. 50% Auto Deducted Weekly
  8. 2-8 Daily Gold Trades
  9. Low Drawdown -5%, no MC
  10. 1:1 RR, TP/SL On Each Trades
  11. No VPS/computer needed
  12. Monitor Everything On MT4
  13. 7 days a week Customer Support


Join Our Trusted Broker Partner

Our gold trading strategy is hosted on our broker partner platform: Hotforex. We are earning on your performance. In order to follow our copy-trading, you must join the same broker.

Once you activate the strategy via the broker, everything is automatic, which is why you do not need any computer or VPS.



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We’ll help answer your questions so that you can get started today

How much will CopyTrading cost me?

For now, there is no additional charges for copying our trades.


What is the minimum amount required to Copy a Trader?

The minimum amount required to copy a trader is $300.
Please note that there is a minimum amount for each copied position of $1. Positions not meeting the $1 minimum will not be opened.


How does Copy Trading work? How do I setup my Copy Trading?

It is as easy as ABC. A guide will be sent to you by the company or the person that introduced you to the platform.


How long does it take for copied trades to be executed in my account?

Trades are typically executed in less than a second from the instant the trader you copy executes their own trades.