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Africa's Most Sought after Financial Market Coach Serial Entrepreneur and Investor
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About Wole Olu

I am a transformational and wealth coach, engineering young millennials to rise above the statusquo to becoming globally relevant.

I’m the self-proclaimed president and founder of WEALTH CLUB (a platform where he positions young minds to take advantage of the new economic realities).. With this being my outlook, I’m one of those people that cannot sit still, juggling everything with precision and finesse.

I’m fascinated by human psychology, as I author books and produce movies, but also from the perspective of being a crypto trader, and the psychology that moves the market. I like to get into people’s thoughts and feelings and know what makes them tick.

I am the Executive Director of The WoleOlu Company (a financial literacy consultancy company that focuses on the financial markets, digital business and personal development).

I’ve always had big dreams and goals, and over the years have achieved many of these, and truly believe you never fail until you give up!

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